Kahoon Projects

Poetry, Performance and Film

Live Events: Poetry, Performance, Music and Film

As part of the broader Kahoon Projects, poetry and performance events were held at SET Dalston, bringing together artists, writers and performers to present issues of class from a broad range of perspectives. Together they help to present the intricacies of working-class identity and experience in the 21st century through diverse contemporary art practice, with poetry, performance and music taking centre stage.
KP I/II, 22nd May 2019.

Our first event foregrounded poetry and music, and featured readings and performances from: Hannah Lowe, Fran Lock, Gboyega Odubanjo, Shonagh Short, East Anglia Records House Band ft. Roza Horowitz

KP II/II, 25th July 2019.

Our second event featured performance art and music. It was co-organised by performance artist Kate Mahony, and featured a special line-up including: Kate Mahony, Marcus Orlandi, Laura Dee Milnes, Jack Catling, Aaron Williamson, Julia Star, NX Panther, Miki Holloway, The Electric Womb, feat. Mitchell Vowles

Film Screening

On Tuesday 21st May, screenings took place at The Peckham Pelican of films by young artists that related - in direct and abstract ways - to the subject of working-class culture. This included Muddafucka by Harriet Rickard (featured below), and Coisch a Ruin by Flora Litchfield.